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30a travel guide!
Everyone has their favorite place and 30a, not just because we call it home, it's our favorite place. Being a local 30a business we get asked all the time what is our favorite place to stay, eat, and play. So we thought why not make a 30a travel guide to all of our favorite places, tips and tricks on how to survive and get by during the busy or the off-sea

I hope this travel guide of our favorite places excites and motivates you to try everything on this list. Tag us at @the.bluemagnolia if you try any of the places we recommend. 

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"There's a certain vibe when you live or travel to 30A - everyone is happy and the energy is light and airy."

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Growing up on 30a I never truly appreciated the beauty and grace of living here until I went off to college. I guess every kid can say they love their home once they are grown, and come back as an adult.

My family and I moved from New Orleans in 1997 when I was seven. Growing up in the restaurant industry with my dad having his restaurant, Las Palmas Cafe and Bakery in Seagrove, I was a restaurant brat who lived and breathed food, customers, and service.

Now in my thirties, I have seen the change and growth on our scenic highway 30a, and she's still ever so beautiful and charming as ever. 30a truly has a way of captivating your soul and making you never want to leave. In high school, we would get out of class at 1:50 p.m. and immediately head to the beach, life was wholesome, bronze, and so much fun. In college I couldn't wait to come home and visit, some trips would be few and far in between, but it was always changing and growing.  I hope everyone who travels here feels the love and serene beauty of the Emerald Coast. 

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Rosemary was founded in 1993 and it really began to blossom in early 2000. If you can rent a home or stay at The Pearl Hotel I highly recommend it. Rosemary being its own little town you can walk or ride your bike to different dining spots, shops, coffee houses, and of course the beach. Rosemary has its own fitness center and tennis court with lots of green lawns for those that love to be active.  

Alys Beach 

Alys is by far my favorite neighborhood that 30a has to offer. White is my favorite color and since everything is white and has a European/Middle-Eastern vibe to it you truly feel like you're not in Florida anymore. Just like Rosemary, you can walk everywhere, and dining and shopping are limited, but they have 6 different places to eat, and a few shops, with a yummy French-style coffee shop. The best thing about Alys is their Beach Club or Caliza, it's the most spectacular poolside restaurant ever. At Alys, you will have to rent a condo or home through Alys Beach Rentals. 


Watercolor in my opinion is the most quaint and charming of all of the neighborhoods 30a has to offer. It's filled with tree-covered streets, bridges, and cobblestone sidewalks. Watercolor has beach access and is accessible by bike, and an ample amount golf cart goers.  Watercolor has its own beach club, shopping, and dining. 


Seaside is the most vibrant and colorful neighborhood 30a has to offer. Filled with cottages and white picnic fences it's charming in a storybook beach kind of way. Seaside is filled with delicious spots from Bud and Alleys, to Great Southern, and airstream food vendors. 


Watersound is the East Hampton or Nantucket of 30A. Filled with picturesque views of our 30a lakes and beaches it's the most magical neighborhood of them all. Watersound is close to The Hub which has dining and shopping. The newest part of Watersound Camp Creek where they will have a state-of-the-art gym facility, golf club, restaurants, and a boutique hotel is set to open in 2024.

Rental property companies we love

  • Echelon Luxury Properties  

  • Southern Holiday Homes

  • Rosemary Beach Cottage Co. 

  • Gulf Tide Vacations

  • 30a Cottage Rentals

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  • Big Bad Breakfast - Inlet Beach

  • Donut Hole - Inlet Beach 

  • Fonvile Press

  • Hibiscus 30a

  • Playa Bowls

  • Scratch Biscuit Kitchen 


  • Pescado

  • Citizen

  • Havana

  • Bud & Alleys

  • Stinkys

  • Crackings


  • Cowgirl Kitchen 

  • Shunk Gully

  • Shades

  • Amigos 30a

  • Pickles

  • Modica Market


  • Mimmos 30a

  • Edwards

  • Paradis

  • Red Ba

  • Old Florida Fish House

  • Cuvee 30a

  • Vue 30a


  • Nigels 30a - Seaside

  • Blue Mountain Creamery

  • La Crema

  • It's Heavenly

  • Pecan Jacks

happy hour

  • Ambrosia

  • Amici

  • Blue Mabel 

  • Gallions

  • FOOW 

Late night

  • Shades Grill

  • Donut Hole 

coffee shop

  • Amavida

  • Black Bear - Seaside or Grayton Beach 

  • Fonville Press 

  • Raw & Juicy

  • Beachy Bean Coffee Co.  

  • 3rd Cup

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Free Things to do

  • Beach - Public Acess 

    • Inlet Beach regional ​

    • Seagrove

    • Santa Clara 

    • Van Ness

    • Grayton Beach 

    • Blue Mountain

    • Fort Panic 

    • Ed Wallen

    • Dune Allen regional 

    • Mirimar regional 

  • State parks

    • Eden Garden​

    • Point Washington

    • Topsil

  • Walk or ride your bike along scenic hwy 30a

Things to do

  • Boat ride around crab island and rent jet skis

  • Spa day at Vivo Spa 

  • Charter a fishing boat 

  • Solaris boat cruise 

  • Book a bonfire with 30A Blaze 

  • Family Photos with Go With The Flow 

  • Rent Yolo boards 


  • Grand Boulevard

    •  Anthropologie

    • Williams Sonoma 

    • Blue Merurcery 

    • Lulu Lemon

    • Pottery Barn 

  • Grayton Beach

    • Lulu Lemon​

    • Beau Interiors 

    • Summer House 

  • Watercolor 

    • Indigo ​

  • Seaside 

    • Cabana​

    • Art District 

    • Spring pop-ups

  • Seagrove

    • Free People​

  • Alys Beach 

    • Summer House

  • Rosemary Beach 

    • Disco ​

    • Willow 

    • Patchoulis

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What we love about 30A


favorite 30a neighborhood?


hands down alys beach then seaside
favorite casual spot on 30A


chanticleers, shunk gulley's, blue mabel, amigos, red bar
What's your favorite shopping spot
favorite fancy spot on 30a
citizen, pescado, ambrosia, paradise, galleons, 



seaside, rosemary beach, and watercolor


what's your favorite boutique
indigo watercolor, cabana, willow + mercer, patchouli's


favorite breakfast spot
donut hole, fonville press, hibiscus cafe
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